Qualiac customers are mid size to large enterprises and fast growing companiesQualiac-market3

This is the market to be Now

The Market is evolving

Worldwide ERP market is changing. With the crisis, Client’s expectations have changed.
Now Clients demand solutions with:
  • Lower TCO, a faster and easier implementation
  • Enhanced flexibility and adaptability for businesses and opportunities that are constantly evolving
  • Better end user acceptance
  • Getting ready to use solutions and not a platforms for developers
  • Cutting-edge technologies
There are many new solution for small enterprises, but up to now, medium to large size Enterprises had no solutions with functional bandwidth to cover their needs out of few large platforms requiring huge teams of developers and IT specialists.

This is the gap we fill

Our Strategy


Qualiac has developed its ERP solution with a unique architecture and approach since 30 years and is now ready to expand as traditional or Cloud solutions and addressing these new needs. Our Strategy is now to launch Qualiac on a larger scale, relying on local partners with joint investment and approach in order to maintain the unique level of satisfaction of our customers.