Qualiac is an ERP Software Editor using cutting-edge technologies since 1979

53,000 loyal users have been using the Qualiac solution to adapt their company to their evolving business. Qualiac ERP is localized and used in many countries USA, Canada, Europe, Africa.

Qualiac brings the new standards of modern ERPs

  • Agility and flexibility to adapt in real time to an ever changing business environment
  • No needs for big teams of developers and IT specialists to customize and adapt the software. Your Key Users will be able to configure the processes themselves
  • Qualiac is a software solution and not a platform for developers with proprietary languages
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Maintaining the willingness of 100% of our clients to promote Qualiac as a references.
Redefining the ERP standard toward ready to use solutions.
Master our development according to our values.


We redefine the standards of ERP solutions for mid to large size corporations, which are solutions:

  • Independent from technology actors, you choose your database
  • Ready for the future, Web 2.0
  • Protecting customer investments, all parameterization are release agnostic and mastered by Business Users
  • Enhancing flexibility: adapting your ERP remains under client’s control and does not require  heavy development investments
  • Predictability for projects, costs and ROI

Trust, fairness and efficiency in dealing with the world: IT is a mean for company to do their business. We do not provide a development platform for integrator as most of market solutions, but we provide a software solution managed by Business Users.

We respect our customer through a solution with much lower TCO and improved ROI while having all required functionalities.

Our Environment

Respect the Earth and its resources. From inception  we have chosen to localize our headquarter as well as our development teams in the country side, far from hectic cities agitation, where we are free to focus on our core mission while respecting our values.


We believe in networking and non pyramidal organizations, powered by entrepreneurship and agility in order to adapt to an ever changing world. Our clients also tell us that proximity is a key element and this is why we build our network with companies bringing local knowledge and capability to ensure the same level of support at an international level.


In addition to our product and clients, our employees are an important assets. Currently, we have 160 employees, 80 people in R&D, and many of them have been with the company for a long time and have ensured that our values are shared while driving our development.

Accountability, Involvement, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, are our fundamentals and ensure the quality of our solutions.

Qualiac Group MISSION

  • To develop an international presence for the Qualiac ERP solutions.
  • To ensure that our state of the art ERP solutions will help our customers and partners become more self-sufficient, more efficient, and more profitable.
  • To promote the new generation of ERP solutions which easily adapt to companies’ needs.