Some of the key benefits for our Customers and Partners

  • unique opportunity to get a leading position and edge in the dramatic shift to Cloud
  • A solution adapted to medium to large size organizations with a track record of 30 years of proved customer satisfaction. Qualiac was not born during the Cloud era, but has the Cloud capability in its DNA thanks to specific architecture choices. This is the opportunity for partners to win deals in larger organizations relying on an established and proved solution
  • Qualiac solution will be able to fit with the evolving needs of your fastest growing clients enabling them to easily adapt their ERP solution to an ever evolving and growing business environment.
  • To keep our outstanding level of customer satisfaction, we start internal expansion with creating the local service capability. We have already trained and built this service capability in USA, Poland, Spain, and the full support from Qualiac organization will ensure your customer’s success.
  • ERP is at a crossroads.  Legacy solutions have customer history but agility and cloud delivery challenges.  Mature companies are hesitant to entrust their business-critical data to emerging vendors.  Qualiac offers a unique balance of a cloud-ready solution with 30 years of customer success.
  • Our solution frees you from low-level development billing models so you can focus on strategic business consulting.

Key Qualiac differentiators include

  • More predictable, lower cost ERP deployments
  • A dramatically lower services-software ratio than legacy ERP providers.
  • An opportunity to grow your business from small and mid-sized companies to larger organizations
Qualiac in the Cloud

  • Qualiac’s solution is architected for public or private cloud deployment.
  • Configuration, not customization, is the future.  Qualiac was built from the ground up with this design approach, making it tested and ready for the cloud today.
  • Configuration are stored in Qualiac so future upgrades are totally transparent to users
  • Large and mid-sized enterprises have chosen Qualiac over traditional competitors because of its flexibility and configurable architecture.

With Qualiac, you can plan for aggressive new customer growth while leveraging a satisfied customer base.

Business opportunity

Historically, our European customer base has been slow to embrace the cloud.  Today, interest is growing and we have large enterprise customers successfully running Qualiac – and achieving the expected benefits – in the cloud.

Join the club of 100% customers satisfaction

We bring the technology, expertise, and support.  Our local joint ventures and partners build and manage their own success with a cloud-ready ERP solution with deep and tested functionality.

“The global economy is shifting to recovery. History teaches us that flexibility and the ability to adapt are the engine to sustained growth and success. Today, large organizations have limited options for a proven cloud ERP.  Qualiac partners are entrepreneurs with strong execution skills, knowledge, and credibility with midsized and large organizations.”
said Jean-Paul Estival, Chairman of the Qualiac Executive Board