The Avenue to your success !

During the past 35 years, we have accumulated and developed best practices that ensure that we maintain the highest possible level of customer satisfaction for all of our clients.

Traditional ERP deployments have been plagued by costly, risky implementations and costly and disruptive upgrades.

Qualiac’s solution was built to be configurable, not customizable, so it enjoys the consulting to software ratio of emerging cloud application providers.

  • Traditional ERP deployments have been plagued by missteps, cost overruns, and hurdles that result in limited success or, at worst, abandoned investments.
  • At Qualiac we consider that the rule for a project duration is less than one year from inception to roll-out and this also explains the incredible level of satisfaction of our clients. For sure we help them to adopt phased approaches and scopes, but this is the condition for mastered costs, duration and outcomes.
  • Qualiac provides breadth and depth of functionality to meet complex business needs balanced with capabilities for business users to configure the solution for specific needs. Qualiac’s significant R&D investment is devoted to a client-driven functionality roadmap. Ongoing interaction and input from our client advisory groups ensure new features meet real demands.
  • Also support, training, consulting, reactivity are the engine to support your successes. This is where we strongly believe in networking and non pyramidal organizations processes. Pyramidal approaches and organizations self generate a level of burden and inefficiency that are definitely not compatible with our clients’ expectations.
  • Qualiac SA. has developed a dedicated methodology called PDP (Project Deployment by Phase) which helps many customers ensuring the success of their ERP projects.
Business Intelligence (BI) is today the trend and focus : we have developed very powerful tools that allow you to analyze and export to Excel or other tools all your data.

Your ERP takes care of your core data, strong integrated analytics will help you in taking the right decisions.

Customers should benefit from upgrades as soon as they are available without business disruption.

An upgrade should not be a project and cannot have cost and duration similar to initial implementation. The customer must be able to focus on integration testing without needing large IT resources.

With Qualiac

  • You get the industry leading upgrade compatibility
  • Users, not developers, can immediately configure and take advantage of new capabilities
  • Previous configurations are not impacted by upgrades.

Here’s why:

  • Qualiac customers upgrade in hours, not days or months.
  • More than 80% of Qualiac customers are on the latest version of the solution, taking advantage of a cadence of 1 upgrades per year.
Using an ERP is not just choosing an IT and it needs involvement from Business Users, for selection as well as for implementation.

Also an ERP is a central tool for your company and will require to take many decisions on processes harmonization, priorities, and arbitrage . Without a strong involvement by top management, you cannot succeed designing, implementing or rolling out any ERP project in any type of organization.

What is an ERP

  • An ERP is a software solution built to meet any companies’ requirements. This means that you should get a solution that enables you to configure and to define the parameters to meet your needs and expectations. This cannot be only a platform on which large teams of IT developers and advisors teams will have to develop your specific solution. You may want this, but why being forced to such a situation, when you can buy a real solution?
  • An ERP is a solution that must ensure a reliable and efficient way to store and connect your data. Important points are reference and non redundancy, consistency, traceability and real time availability.
  • You know your business and you have your own history and legacy. Your ERP must be able to fit harmoniously with your reality and strategy and not enforce new plans, processes and organization. At Qualiac, we consider that easy settings must allow Business Users to manage their organization, changes, strategy and specificities without custom development. This belongs to Business and must be mastered by the Business.
  • We also consider that your ERP will never replace every specific solutions that you need or have developed according to your specific business activities. The key point there is to provide you with tools that will be integrated into your systems very quickly and easily, as well as to ensure that your data strategy will meet your goals.