Our approach have been to build a complete ecosystem with local companies and know-how in each geography, to support Qualiac customers and to ensure the quality of each implementation.

You are interested in ERP solution for your clients to

  • Bring / advise on better solution
  • Contribute to reduce their operating costs
  • Bring improved flexibility
  • Ensure their Business Users satisfaction
  • Get rid of traditional legacy solutions

Then consider Qualiac

Your business strategy is to

  • Master your future and decide for your strategy locally
  • Differentiate from other standard competitors
  • Bring innovation
  • Improve your margins
  • Focus on higher value business consulting
  • Rely on more predictable projects
  • Have an editor / partner ready to invest with you

Then consider Qualiac

We are looking for

  • √ Entrepreneurs with a similar mindset as ours
  • √ A Customer First approach
  • √ Privilege margin over revenue volume
  • √ Actual added value
    • Vertical business knowledge and installed base
    • Complementary products
  • √ Ready to co-invest

Do you recognize yourself ?

Where are your strength ?
What role do you want ?

Qualiac is an open platform which can easily connect and integrate with any specialized or complementary solution. Qualiac has already developed specialized modules with current customers and we are looking for this type of additional business and domain know-how that can benefit to all of our customers.